Hello hello ^w^P...

Hi hi ^^... well, I have friends on China and Philippines, but them talk to me that can't view my first BLOG (What a disappointment T¬T), then one of them ask me for make my account on fc2 oO...

After thinking a little, I decides open my BLOG here too oO, really I love when people follow me (I an artist, and as artist I need my fans, right right *w*???)... mmm, I looking for other web-space provider too, this because 4shared and Skydrive had problems both with my contacts T_T...

Well, I really wish all of you follow me at this my space for you ^^... I will try my best for write both spaces every times that I have a news *w*, right right???

Btw, just yesterday 4shared was hacked T_T, but just now staff is repairing the damage (I can enter to my account, but files are still offline ¬,¬)...

See later then, bye bye n,n...

PS: this blog is only english, but if somebody wants to check me on spanish, feel free for ask me *w*... this because my english isn't the best, and sometimes a translator can be useful n,n...

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