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Well, this time I want to tribute to the program that re-awaken on me the pleasure of CG *w*, a wallpaper in addition to one splashscreen that you can use for your program ^^ (Additional info at program documentation owO, this because exist versions for more than one OS, OK OwO?)...

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Dreamy wallpaper *w*...



Really I likes the original pic for my clock ^^, then I convert into a wallpaper n¬n...

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Wallpaper ^¬^...

Hello hello ^^... well, because of the cold on this days (And because X'mas is next at little more than 1 month *w*), a wallpaper for season with my dear Xi Wang chan ^___^...

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New wallpaper ^___^...

Hello hello ^^, this time I have for you a commission from me for a friend, this for a fansub blog in the one that I will collaborate too ^___^ (Just spanish n_n')...

Don't forget visit me at 花見モット可愛い!!!シーワンちゃんHP ^^, this because I'm an artist too and I lives because of you my fans n¬n...

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New wallpapeeeeer *w*P...

After a lot of time ;w;... I made other little draw from my lovely Xi Wang chan *w*... after finish it and see between other wallpapers, is as one of them ¬w¬', just changing the technique drawing and a little pose too ^^'... Anyway charmed me qn,np!...

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Xi Wang chanXi Wang chan
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Well, on this moment you are on my world >¬<... I really hope like you and back soon *w*...

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