Forgotten blog

Im sorry because of forgot this my blog TT__TT...

In other side, Im back with my daily drawing blog in order to work a lot on it ^^...

You no miss to visit my 花見モット可愛い!!!シーワンちゃんノホメパゲ website, I can forget to update the website body but I upload a few new content step by step (Sorry for my lack of organization TT,TT)....

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Fishing Superstars jumping images bug (Android)

Greetings, a lot of time passed after my last update TwT... Im back with a solution for bug on Fishing Superstars (Android), a nice fishing simulator ^^...

OK, a view of the problem, I dont know if happens on another devices, the next is for me... I open my app, and after see the Google screen, I see the main screen on this way:


Looks normal, but the bottom is missed... no matter, somebody may think about it, but; looks if you receives any notification type or moves the volume (Physical buttons included)...


The image moves up to screen, no problem, you think?... move to game screen:

View from normal start...

View after notification bug...

Both cases have loss of visual data, but I must add a weird one thing, images move... and just images... the tapping places holds same coordinates before move... confusing, right ^~^'?...

OK, after several play times, I have a good solution (No buy another device is, OK ^^), the solution is next ^^:

Tap over app icon...

OK, while the app is starting, do taps between the screen clock and game area, a pair of taps must be OK, I guess ^^...

You will see a tiny screen (Complete image, too), this time ^^...

And... cool, game screen looks complete, too... this time you will receive all of world notifications without weird things happening on screen ^^...

Firefox Persona: Xi Wang chan purple screen

I had a lot forgotten my blog (Are you sure?, I see all as usual ¬¬')... in order to back to activity, I will write every of my little works (That's must be ;D)... for now, I show for your my most recent Firefox Persona, I hope you like it ^^:

Xi Wang chan purple screen preview
Personas for Firefox | Xi Wang chan purple screen

Xi Wang chan purple screen preview

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Scavening animation ^^...

Scavening animation

A little rough animation inspired at scavening action at die2nite

Thanks to Coro for encourage me to animate n_n...

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Mary & Ellie fanart n_n

Mary and EllisA little fan-art for (I really take my time for delivery it ^^')... with all of you, ladies and gentlemen: My own vision of Mary and Ellie ^¬^!!!...

Colored version at their own entry at n_n... fan work ^^...

I back to my blog after a lot TTwTT!!!

Simply you see ^^... really thanks a lot Corome for your fan-work ^w^...

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Género : Diario


Just today I was watching some videos and had a remembrance of a version of MELT -¬-... then I search for it and I find who feature it ^^... in addition to MP3 download too ^w^...


And video viewing ^^:


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Well, on this moment you are on my world >¬<... I really hope like you and back soon *w*...

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